The Cave

Kunming's Maker Space

The Cave is a new maker space being created at Jindingshan (金鼎山) in Kunming, Yunnan, China. It is located above the existing three-section 1919 art space on Jindingshan Bei Lu (金鼎山北路).

There are not many maker spaces in China, though they are quite popular in Europe and increasingly elsewhere. The general idea is that everyone pitches in a nominal fee and gets the benefit of sharing the facility, tools, and knowledge and time.

At this stage, based upon projected expenses, monthly dues will be 250CNY. While this is more than we would have liked, it may drop in future as we get going and broaden our membership base. In exchange, members will receive access to events, internet, a growing list of tools, and a huge space consisting of 380m² which breaks down as follows:


The idea of the shared space is to facilitate people trying new things and learning new skills in a non-profit, collaboratively run environment. By way of example, presently we have some interest from different parties who wish to use the space for the following purposes: Below is an introduction video we made for the space featuring Andrew, Jordan and Luan.

We are lucky to have some people who can contribute existing skills to the space, including artists, a master woodworker, a former commercial screen printer, patternmakers, programmers, writers.

There is interest in acquiring the following equipment. If you can donate or contribute anything, please let us know:

Equipment already pledged for donation:

Equipment we plan to build ourselves (existing volunteers):

Information is roughly current as of 2015-11-05 (afternoon).